List of publication on the pathology direction

The main scientific directions of the Department of Pathology.

  1. Maternal and perinatal death, the study of the causes of placenta pathology, pathogenesis and pathological anatomy. (Research supervisor – Professor Kh.Tursunov).
  2. Structural and functional features of the internal organs on the external factors of various types, lungs, kidneys, intestines, liver and gall bladder. The morphological, immunohistochemical studies. (Supervisor – Professor B. Magrupov).
  3. Causes of infant mortality, the study of the pathogenesis and pathological anatomy. (Supervisor – Professor R.Isroilov).
  4. Genetic polymorphism of the body warm-blooded animals. The study of the effects of certain polymorphisms somatic pathology and drug therapy. A study of the roles of genes responsible for the biotransformation of drugs. (Research superviser- professor B.Iriskulov).

Scientific work

  1. Morfo functional state hypophysially and peripheral endocrine organs in the immune response. (Applicant – Associate I.Umirov. Subject approved 26.02. 2014.
  2. Mikrogemodinamika lung parenchyma on the dynamics of hydronephrosis transformation characteristic ultrastructural destruction nefronovyh compartments and ways of their experimental treatment. (Applicant – assistant R.Tajibayeva).
  3. Violation of blood rheology and microcirculation with endothelial dysfunction in experimental toxicosis and ways of their pathogenetic correction. (Applicant – assistant D.Yuldashev).
  4. Morphological changes of the heart and blood vessels intraorgan infants in preeclampsia mother. (Applicant – assistant E.Eshboev)

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