Faculty & Staff

Khasan Tursunov

Khasan Z. Tursunov
Head of the Department,
Prof. MD.

Radjab Isroilov

Radjabboy I. Isroilov
Professor of the Department,

Ismoil M. Allanazarov
Candidate of Medical Sciences,

Khamza N. Boboev
Candidate of Medical Sciences,

Erkin A. Eshboev
Senior Lecturer

Ilkham A. Abdirazakov

Farkhod K. Ruziev

Dilshod Sh. Allaberganov

Shokhruh R. Omonov

Ural E. Shukurov

Nizom S. Berdikulov

Nargiza I. Tajimova


A Brief history

In 2005, the 1- and 2-ToshDavTIlar destroyed, Tashkent Medical Academy has been established, and the departments of pathology, physiology and pathological anatomy was normal, the department of medical and dental teaching faculty prof. B.A. Magrupov and the department of treatment and medical-prophylactics until 2007 the prof. A.N. Daniyarov, and since 2007 – prof. R.I. Israilov was the head.

Collective of department, 2009 year.

In December 2012, as a result of the reorganization of the departments prof. R.I. The Department of Pathology, a two-course course (pathological anatomy and pathological physiology) under the guidance of Israilov. In September 2013 he was promoted to the position of prof. X.Z.Tursunov was elected.

At present she works in the department of pathological anatomy: 3 professors, 1 senior lecturer, 1 senior lecturer, 6 assistants

The department of pathological anatomy for students of all faculties 3-year bachelor of science, “the section” The course of medical treatment, education and science faculties xarbiyg’tibbiy 6-year students, as well as the science of “Pathological Anatomy” 2-year master’s students, “Pathological Anatomy” science, clinical interns to be transferred; Students of magistracy on “Pathological anatomy” are trained.

Nowadays the chair of pathological anatomy is prof. Isroilov RI, B.A. Magrupov, X.Z. Tursunov, associate professors: I.T. Umirov; senior teacher: I.M. Allanazarov, assistants: E.X. Eshboev, Shukurov U.E., Berdikulov N.S., Inoyatov U.N., Rakhimov V.B. and Evstratev are working. 25 masters and 8 clinical ordinators have been trained in the specialty “Pathological anatomy” since the introduction of the master’s and clinical residency departments.