Professor Khasan Tursunov with students



Practical skills for the master’s degree in “Рathological anatomy”

  1. Drafting projects for pathology departments, centralized laboratories and postmortem histopathological office.
  2. Filling the autopsy on general pathology.
  3. Filling the autopsy on perinatal pathology.
  4. Filling in the “Medical Certification of cause of death.”
  5. Filling the “Medical evidence about the cause of perinatal death.”
  6. Compilation of training-control tests.
  7. Histopathological analysis of the biopsy technique and operationally removed material.
  8. Technique histological staining with hematoxylin and eosin, by Van Gieson and periodic acid Schiff (PAS).
  9. Cooking appliances macropreparations.



FOR MA in pathological anatomy:

Mastering each skill performed in 3-7 stages and estimated maximum of 100 points.

  1. Drafting projects for pathology departments, centralized laboratory and histopathological pathology office.

Pathoanatomical service plays an important role in the health system. Its main task is to participate in the diagnostic process, the determination of cause of death.

Objective: to know the organization pathoanatomical service Uzbekistan.


ПАТ.АН микропрепарат2 -2 oraliq nazorat mikropreparatlar namunasi

Пат.ан МИКРОПРЕПАРАТЫ – 2 oraliq nazorat mikropreparatlar namunasi

Тесты итогового контроля (леч, мед.педагог, мед.проф)

Якуний назорат тестлари (даволаш, тиб.профилактика, тиб.педагогика)

Тесты итогового контроля (ОМХ)

Якуний назорат тестлари (ОМХ)

Тесты для ВСО ( с 1 правильным ответом) 

ОМХ  учун якуний тест (1жавобли)


мустаќил ишлари мавзулари

умумий патология узб

умумий патология рус